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How I can help:

  • Trauma and PTSD: There are many different types of trauma; specific traumas (like a car accident), developmental trauma (abusive care takers), intergenerational trauma (parent is an abuse survivor or war survivor), and systemic trauma (growing up in a homophobic/transphobic/shaming environment). I can help create a space for you to understand and digest your trauma, and develop tools to cope with triggers. 
  • Anxiety: Most people experience situations that are anxiety provoking at some point. For some, these symptoms can be more significant and impact our ability to have relationships with others, function at work, fall asleep at night etc. By being curious and creating a safe environment, we can work together to identify tools for coping with and better understanding the roots of your anxiety so that it can have less of an impact on your daily life.  
  • Depression: Depression also comes in many forms. For some, they feel a low-grade depression that seems to last from day to day and year to year. For others, they experience discrete episodes of not wanting to engage in previously enjoyable activities, low mood, not wanting to get out of bed, changes in appetite, crying and sometimes thoughts of suicide. Whatever form your depression takes, I can work together with you to be curious and fully understand its roots, while simultaneously taking steps to develop a plan to gradually get your mood back on track, including using tools from evidence-based practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 
  • Psychedelic Integration: Many people experiment with psychedelic substances at some point their lives. Experiences can range from the mundane, to the terrifying, to the etherial and mystical. Psychedelics can show us parts of ourselves that had been hidden or forgotten, especially related to identity. Whatever your experience has been, we can make space for your journey and invite new insights. (Please note that due to legal and ethical guidelines I do not provide substances of any nature, nor to I encourage their use. I am simply able to provide a non-judgemental, compassionate place to process these experiences)
  • Support for Questioning and LGBT/Poly/Kinky/Gender non-conforming Adults and Adolescents: Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Biological Sex, Sexual Orientation, Kink Preferences, and Relationship styles are all on a spectrum, and often these identities can change throughout a lifetime. Being on the Queer spectrum comes with beautiful strengths to celebrated, and challenges to overcome. I'm here to be a witness and a support on your rainbow journey.